Kanye West and Adidas Announce Long-Term Plans for Their Working Relationship

Today, adidas announced the cementing of its long-term relationship with creative pioneer Kanye West in the launch of adidas + KANYE WEST, a YEEZY branded entity creating footwear, apparel and accessories for all genders across street and sport.


Together adidas and Kanye will create footwear, apparel and accessories for all genders across street and sport with a dedicated adidas team leading the development and creation of all YEEZY products. Included in these plans are retail stores that will serve as distinct hubs for adidas and Kanye developed YEEZY product. Future YEEZY lines will also move beyond their current lifestyle focus to include performance-intended designs, offering options for sport and street. Now, as long-term partners, Kanye and adidas remain excited to reveal the next chapter of their collaboration.