Touch Central – An Exclusive Online Radio Station by Tbo Touch and Gareth Cliff

Leading Broadcasting personality Tbo Touch finally reveals all the details of the future of his stellar radio career with a twist – in a mind-blowing press conference that hoisted journalists and celebrities in a 5 star dinning-table, 50meters in the air, above the Johannesburg clouds on Friday 29 July 2016.

The press conference was dubbed “Touch-On-Air“ and besides frightening his guests, Touch disclosed an astonishing surprise announcement of launching an exclusive, online broadcasting enterprise in partnership with fellow radio pioneer Gareth Cliff, called Touch Central. The two promise to take radio and the world of broadcasting to new heights.

Touch Central aims to offer a music, lifestyle and talk platform not restricted by bureaucracy but instead, led by the listener’s views, demands and needs. Touch Central is the stable for wild-horses – relevant, contemporary and independent-thinking.

Touch and Gareth will broadcast on Touch Central from Monday to Friday. Gareth will be live from 06:00 – 09:00 and Touch will be live in the afternoon from 15:00-19:00.

DJ Enuff, the official tour DJ for the legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G has agreed to DJ live from New York on Touch’s new radio show every Friday between 6pm – 7pm. will continue to focus on pod-casting and digital content Touch Central will go live on the 29th August 2016. Further details on their partnerships and upcoming projects will be revealed closer to the launch date or on their official website:



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