5 Tracks You Need In Your Life This Week

Hello Spring! Finally… right? My playlist this week features some of the best African gems in the music industry. Which is kind of on point since September is Heritage Month. I’m not saying that’s where the inspiration came from for this week, or that all of our upcoming playlists will be themed according to Heritage Month, this was all just a fortunate coincidence. I do have one Canadian on the list though, Tory Lanez, and this might I add is the soundtrack to my life right now… *insert heart eyes emoji here* and enjoy this week’s song selection in no particular order:

1. Tory Lanez – LUV

I seriously cannot stop listening to this song. You know that moment when you listen to a song and you start feeling like the artist or whoever wrote it was thinking of you or your life? That’s how I feel about this song.

2. DJ Maphorisa ft Wizkid & DJ Buckz – Soweto Baby

Aya and I were lucky enough to meet and jam to DJ Maphorisa’s set at the 50th anniversary celebration shandies that Vans South Africa hosted in Braam last week. He was such a delight, so humble and down to earth. His set was FIRE, we were on the dance floor until the last song on his mix, it was so fun!

3. Salif Keita – La Difference

Salif Keita has long spoken out on behalf of albinos, but on this album, (titled La Difference) was the first time he sang about the subject, this is according to an article I read on NPR. The lyrics say “My skin is white … My blood is black,” but that difference is beautiful, something to celebrate. I love the calm and smooth tones of this song, so soothing for a Monday morning.

4. Papa Wemba – Yolele

RIP to this great soul. Bumped into this video last night when I was watching Trace Africa, found it super hilarious, Papa Wemba seemed like a very vibrant and happy soul – I would’ve loved to meet him or go to one of his shows.

5. Mashayabhuqe KaMamba ft Okmalumkoolkat – Shandarabaa

This just reminded me of that time when Kelly Khumalo was tweeting in tongues {LOL}. I FUCKEN love this song though, too much! But we all know that both these guys don’t play when it comes to their craft, the video is also on point! If you don’t trust me, press play below or check out our video-of-the-week, which is one of Mashayabhuqe KaMamba’s latest projects, for his new song called Sun City Flow.

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