5 Tracks You Need In Your Life This Week

We were looking at our events diary this morning, Aya and I that is, and were so gobsmacked by the number of events we have RSVP’ed to attend this week all throughout the end of October. It’s crazy I tell you. September and October will be so turnt for us. Which is why my track list for the week is all about those turn-up – and getting lit songs.

Here are my five favourite turn up songs this week, in no particular order:

1. Young Ma – Ooouu!

So we were at The Hangout event last night in Fourways when the DJ dropped this tune, and I went fucken loko! Most people were like…”who’s this?”, and this guy who was seating next to our table jumped in and confidently said “It’s Remy Ma.” I was like, “nigga please, you don’t know what you talking about, Remy Ma don’t sound anything like this”. But I lost the argument cos I didn’t know this girls’ name. I hope that bitch nigga is reading this right now cause, ‘bitch I told yah this ain’t no Remy Ma.’ It’s Young M.A…..Oooouuu!

2. Rich The Kid feat Jaden Smith – Like This

I love, love love Jaden Smith… he’s like the coolest teenage boy ever. The trap in this song will have you laying the dab all the way to the after-after-after party LOL.

3. Rouge – Sheba Ngwan O

Rouge is giving most MC’s in the Hip Hop scene a run for their money, she’s got bars for days! I still can’t decide thee fave track between Mbongo Zaka and this track, I love her.

4. Bryson Tiller – Don’t

How sexy is this song though? Bryson Tiller is also doing the most in the trap music scene, this song was released 2015 as part of his Trapsoul album which I can’t get enough of. His music is just too damn sexy. I love him.

5. DJ Citi Lyts feat Sjava & Saudi – Vura

Ambitiouz Entertainment is not here to play guys, they’re dropping hits left right and centre. Every artist in that stable is a gem. I also want a vura, or a at least a blesser ohamba nge vura LOL.

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