Nomuzi Mabena Talks HipHop, Being CEO and The ‘Recipe’ to Staying Relevant.

Hot off the heels after announcing her new record label Nomuzi Mabena Music, CEO and artist Moozlie  released her brand new music video for her new chart topping single, Recipe. The video was directed by Lenzo for BLXCK Worx Media, and was shot in and around the urban gems of Johannesburg, in order to accompany the urban feelz of the visual.

Musically the song is a sexy up-tempo trap anthem, but lyrically it is considered edgier than what some are used to from Moozlie. We had a chat with the exuberant and ever-so-gergeous Nomuzi Mabena about her new record label, juggling so many roles in her life, staying relevant and her new track titled, Recipe.


IceKream: Your new role as CEO in such a male-dominated space (especially in SA where if not all, most record labels are owned by men e.g. Cashtime, Family Tree, Kalawa, Gallo etc.) – what led you into starting your own record label?

Moozlie: Uhm… I know Nhlanhla Ncinza is one of the other few female artists who actually has her own record company, her label is called Home Based Records. But you’re right man, this industry is too male-dominated and that is one of the reasons why I decided to get in on it.

Nhlanhla Nciza

Ultimately after I left Cashtime, I was looking for a place that could really look after my brand, the music side and the television side. It was very difficult because some people that I found were very good when it comes to television but had no knowledge in music or sometimes I’d find someone who’s very good in music but have no knowledge of the television industry. So, I saw this as an opportunity to start my own company.

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I’ve always wanted to have my own company, something that would, in the long run, help me build an empire. A company that would work for me as an artist, and ultimately a company that would work for other artists that have all these different skills given to them, but don’t necessarily wanna take the “tried-and-tested” route. That’s what Nomuzi Mabena Music is all about; representing artists who, like me, wanna do their own thing, be different and in control of their own situation… that’s why I started the label.

IceKream: Your roles now include; CEO, artist, TV presenter, MC (In addition to all your other hustles), what’s it like balancing so many roles in your life?

Moozlie: Well…lucky for me, I’ve got a really, really amazing team. Sbudaroc runs the label with his team SBR Project. So, I’m very lucky in that regard.

They do a lot of concept and creative work and I mostly come in at the end to really be like… “this is what I like, and this is what I don’t like, this is my vision, can you guys help make it come to life?”… it also helps that I have a very big team behind me, because it really takes a lot of time balancing so many roles; financially and emotionally. It definitely is a lot more than I ever anticipated it being. It’s been a challenge more than anything but I’ve just been unlocking myself {man}.

Rouge x Moozlie – Mbongo Zaka

IceKream: In Mbongo Zaka, you have a line that says, “I have cried and prayed for this man, I’ve worked night and day for this. I’ve put in so much time, that it’s only right that I get paid for this man…” Was there a point in your life / career where you felt like giving up?

Moozlie: I never ever feel like giving up! At that time I was at a point where I was struggling to communicate with these brand managers (whom have been hitting me up, trying to get me to sign up for deals) and even my manager that I need my fucken money!

I’ve pushed and worked so hard. I know what I’m here for. I know what my purpose is. I have put in so much, (yes it may not be as much as other people have put in) but this is my life. So for me, I’ve worked so hard, I’ve given up so much, and I’m not about to let go and settle for measly (“for-now”) deals I really want the best for myself and Nomuzi Mabena as a brand.

That’s basically what it was about, that’s what the whole song was about. Usually when rappers make songs about money, they lie about how much they have or how much what they’re wearing costs etc. But me and Rouge were two young rappers just singing our truth, telling people that WE WANNA GET PAID! And it’s not just the money that I want. I want the entire business. Something that will benefit me further and leave a legacy behind.

IceKream: What was most exciting about getting the work in solo after having worked with so many artists ?


Moozlie: I think you’ll find that when you’re creating music, you’re never really alone. For example, I got the beat for Recipe from Wichi and that on its own is a collaboration. I recorded the song at Coolout with Hope as well as Reason’s producers, and my DJ at the time helped me with the record. Although it is my own song, I did work with other people. What was most exciting about getting the work in solo is that I didn’t necessarily have to hold back. I was able to do and say whatever the hell I wanted and that to me was just awesome.

IceKream: Hip-hop is a genre whose tradition is associated with swagger and confidence. As an artist and as a music lover, how has hip-hop empowered you?

Moozlie: HIPHOP is one of the biggest employers of young people, specifically young, black people in the world. And, as one of those people, I can say that there’s nothing better than being a young, black girl, working for your own money, being able to give other people jobs and having trust in your own abilities. There’s girls out there who go on all these expensive trips, who have nice things but can’t sleep with a peaceful mind. Yes, you may not have everything that you want but the things that you have, you’re proud of. For me, Hip Hop has given me a real sense of peace of mind, it’s taught me that I can be my own boss and I don’t have to rely on anybody to do anything for me.

Here are 5-scoops-of-facts you didn’t know about Moozlie:

#Scoop1: In terms of career, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a maid and then when I had saved enough money, I was gonna open a hair salon.

#Scoop2: Bungee jumping, sky diving or getting inked?

If I die, there are so many people that are not gonna eat, so lemme just get a tattoo {laughs}

#Scoop3: Name 3 songs on your playlist right now

Dj Speedsta – Mayo

Tshego – Hennessy

Travis Scott- Everything (I can’t pick one LOL)

#Scoop4: If you could trade lives with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

Rihanna… because #LifeGoals

#Scoop5: Gin, vodka, Jäger or tequila?


Check out Moozlie’s brand new music video for Recipe below – It’s FIRE!



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