Get To Know The Guys Behind ‘The Rhythm Sessions’

December 2013, Edgar and Fang were offered an opportunity to host a filler show on Kaya FM, a show tailored to their liking. This was after they had been harassing Claire Mawisa who was the programming manager at the time and were excited by this opportunity.

On their last show in January 03, 2014 they got an on air surprise call from Greg Maloka and Claire Mawisa offering them a permanent Friday slot for their very own show where they could show case their mixes, latest music and artist interviews. The show is live every Friday 21H00 – 22H00 and is called ‘The Rhythm Sessions’.


We had a chat with the guys behind ‘The Rhythm Sessions‘ movement, Fang and Ed, about; how it all started, their love for music and what to expect from their upcoming single titled, I’m Specialist.

IceKream: Can you tell us a bit about The Rhythm Sessions and how the idea came about?

Fang DaRhythmThe Rhythm Sessions is a DJ/ musical production team of myself  and my brother Edsoul – The Rhythm Sessions was the name of the party we used to do every Thursday night at Primi in Rosebank this is back in 2012/13 then people who would attend these sessions started calling or referring to us at the “The Rhythm Sessions”. A few months after that we decided to play together because we realised we were stronger like that than being individuals.


IceKream: How would you describe your music?

Edsoul: Our sound is an eclectic mix of soulful, deep house, afro beat and a touch of tech sounds from all over the world- so we call it global dance music.

IceKream: Can you tell us about the first time you fell in love with music?

Fang DaRhythm: {Oh wow!} I fell in love with music through listening to a lot of radio growing up. Radio stations like YFM played a huge role in that, not to mention that I come from a background rich in music. So growing up, a lot of disco & soul classics were played at my house; I’m talking Earth, Wind and Fire to Stevie Wonder to Aretha Fracklin to Luther Vandross.

Edsoul: I’d have to say YFM as well, listening to the likes of DJ Monde, Oskido or even hearing Vinny Da Vinci playing those rare grooves on his show. I used to record those shows on cassette tapes and listen / play them back over and over again.


IceKream: Off all the artists (Louie Vega, Black Coffee, DJ Zinhle, Soul Cap etc.) that you’ve interviewed on The Rhythm Sessions – who was your ultimate favourite and why?

Fang DaRhythm: All of them because they all brought something different to the table and all had different stories to tell. But Louie Vega has to be at the top of the list because we looked so much up to him, so to finally meet him through Greg Maloka after seeing him play live at the SAMC in 2006  was a dream come through.

IceKream: Can you tell us a bit about the first time you met your mentor, Louie Vega? And do you remember the first thing you said to him?

Edsoul: Yes, if my memory serves me right, we met Louie in December 2011, when he came down for the annual Kaya FM Dance Ritual. Greg Maloka introduced us and he told him we are his big fans of his music. We were so excited and started asking him questions about his mucic, songs that he’s been playing, his tech rider, the headphones he uses I mean, we were just like kids in a candy store. We then exchanged numbers and kept in touch with him ever since, now we chat on a daily.


IceKream: How did the collaboration between yourselves and Portia Monique on your first single, Cure, come about?

Fang DaRhythm: Portia came down to Johannesburg for the annual Spring Fiesta Dance Music back in 2014, and we managed to book an interview with her for our radio show at her hotel room. After doing the interview we suggested a collaboration and she was very happy to do it… the rest is history.


IceKream: What can music lovers and your fans expect from your upcoming single, ‘I’m a Specialist’?

Edsoul: I’m A Specialist is a record we did with Sheldon So Goode, he is a singer/song writer/ producer from the US. The song is all about specialising in all things good and having fun. We hope that the record will make people dance, move, sweat and just give them good vibes.

Here are 5-scoops-of-facts you need to know about the guys behind The Rhythm Sessions:

#Scoop1: Name three songs on your playlist right now?

Fang DaRhythm: Right now I’m jamming to quite a few unreleased songs but are coming out soon.

  • The Rhythm Sessions feat. Wanda Baloyi – No Love (This is our next single coming to you early 2017)
  • 3 Winans Brothers feat. Karen Clark – I Choose You {Louie Vega Remix} (This song is fayah! I mean it’s by the 3 Winans brothers that’s Bebe, Marvin, Carvin and Karen Clark (four time Grammy award winner)of the Clark Sisters that’s the pinnacle of gospel music and then Louie took that record, added the Vega touch to it!)
  • Josh Milan – I’ll Wait (I love this song, it talks about patience in relationships, check it out… you will love it.)

Edsoul: At the moment I’m Jamming;

  • MS MR – Dark Doo Whop {Caiiro’s Afrikan Bootleg} (I really love this song! It gets the dance floors in a trance. Caiiro really did a great job with this one, watch out for this kid he is fiyaahh!!)
  • Ron Trent – Where is The Love (Ron Trent is a legend in house music and he always manages to capture my soul with his productions with his organic sound.)
  • Jullian Gomes ft Sio – 100 Memories (I remember when I listened to his album “Late Dreamer” this was the one song that I listened to over and over again, it’s a great body of work, BIG UP Jullian on this one.)

#Scoop2: In terms of career, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

Fang DaRhythm: A soocer player, but at the same time I’ve always had interest in mixing music. Though I only started practicing that art later in my high school years.

Edsoul: As a kid, I was always fascinated by buildings and huge structures. So, I thought I was going to be a civil engineer.

#Scoop3: If you could work with any musician / artist in the world, who it be?

Fang DaRhythm: Are you kidding me? That list will never end! But Louie Vega & Josh Milan would be at the top of the list.

Edsoul: Same here. I would love to do a song with Louie and Josh Milan. Just to see how they come up with such amazing grooves and melodies. Locally, I am really felling Shekhinah – she is very talented.

#Scoop4: Bungee jumping, sky diving or getting inked?

Fang DaRhythm: Eeer…none of the above for me!

Edsoul: I’ve bungee jumped twice already, would love to try sky diving in the near future, although I must say it looks super scary {LOL} .

#Scoop5: Gin, vodka, Jäger or tequila?

Fang DaRhythm: I would say GIN. Though I’m a wine person… I love me some blends.

Edsoul: Uhmmm, it really depends on the occasion, but preferably it would be vodka.

Catch The Rhythm Session every Friday, 21H00 – 22H00 on Kaya FM.


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