Yung Swiss Talks New EP ‘Bottom Baby’ and Breaking in to the Hip Hop Industry

Steve Dang (born May 29, 1994) better known by his stage name Yung Swiss, is a South African recording artist, rapper, singer, songwriter and musician. Swiss released his first single with South African rap sensation, Reason, back in 2005 and the song was titled ‘I love it‘.

Yung Swiss recently dropped an EP titled ‘Bottom Baby’ which includes recent hit singles such as The High, Jungle, and ‘Where the Work At‘ to name a few. The project features some of the greatest rappers in the Hip Hop industry such as, K.O, Nadia Nakai and DJ Speedsta.

We had the pleasure of attending Swiss’s incredible listening session for his new EP, Bottom Baby a few moons ago, and now we chat with him about; his new project, the thought process behind the EP and future plans.


IceKream: Your new EP “Bottom Baby” discusses your life journey, how you “bounced from couch-to-couch”, being homeless and just opening about your life. Why was this important for you to mention / explore?

Yung Swiss: I wanted my fans to know the real me. I wanted them to know that they are supporting someone who is a real human, who has went through real struggles. Most importantly, I had to share that story to motivate the next person who is going through the same thing. I had to let them know it is possible. People relate to the truth, so I had to share mine.


IceKream: Did you think at all about the timing of this release?

Yung Swiss: Well… yes I did! I felt like my fans wanted to hear more of me especially after the mayo buzz.

IceKream: What aspect of this album are you most excited for people to hear?

Yung Swiss: I was more excited about sharing my story. Like what I went through is what made me. I am a product of my struggles and that’s just what I want to let the youth know. As I mention before I want to reach out to that kid that is going through the same thing.


IceKream: How would you compare the creation of your latest EP, Bottom Baby, to that of The Desiree Project?

Yung Swiss:  The Desiree Project has not been released yet, it is my upcoming album which I hope to release next year. So I cannot compare them as this Is my first EP.

IceKream: When did you start making music and how did you get into it?

Yung Swiss: To be honest, growing up I was not really into music, however I was forced to listen to my mom’s music which I feel has influenced my sound. This all changed in high school as when I came across my best friend’s (who was a huge hip-hop head) rhyme book, the music bug bit me. What really got me was being able to create, the thought of writing my own raps and expressing myself lyrically sealed the deal. It was a wrap.


IceKream: Who are your influences? Growing up, did you look up to certain musicians?

Yung Swiss: Well… growing up, T.I and Lil Wayne were influential to me in terms of music. I have to mention I was also a big fan of Akon. At this current moment I won’t say I have influences, I try to keep my music as personal as possible. I want to sound Like Swiss and no-one else. Soon as you listen to someone else you end up sounding like the artist and you get all sorts of criticism.

IceKreamWhat’s next? What sort of things do you see yourself doing in the future?

Yung Swiss: I always wanted to work with K.O now that has happened/happening. The next move is to aim outside the continent and work with international artists. I want to take it a level higher and just surpass the normal success stories in Africa.


5-scoops-of-facts you didn’t know about Yung Swiss:

#Scoop1: In terms of career, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a doctor, a brain surgeon to be specific. Then I wanted to be a pilot, that also changed into soccer, until I found music.

#Scoop2: Bungee jumping, sky diving or getting inked?

{Laughs} I wouldn’t bungee or sky dive, I feel like one of those guys who is unlucky. I feel like the rope wouldn’t hold or the parachute wouldn’t come out. As for tattoos, I never been a fan. I understand they are the trend right now but I wouldn’t.

#Scoop3: If you could work with any musician / artist in the world, who it be?

Last year I was asked this and my answer was K.O… look at me now!!! Well right now, I would really like to work with Kanye, snap I forgot to mention I was also a big Kanye fan. The reason for this is because Kanye doesn’t box himself in, he always pushes the boundaries and that’s how I see myself as well.

#Scoop4: What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to or just haven’t had a chance to do?

I’ve always wanted to try sky diving, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a youngin.

#Scoop5: Gin, vodka, Jäger or tequila?

Vodka, always! Namely, Ekiss vodka from France. It’s the best!

Listen to Yung Swiss’s new EP Bottom Baby HERE and check him out on the social media streets to keep up with Swiss’s hustle!


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