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Hi there, my name is Delicia Kasenge. A healthy mix of chocolate and cool, sunny and smarts, chuckles and creativity. I started my blog ( to not only celebrate style but to also share experiences and lessons that might help grow and inspire the contemporary (African) woman living in today’s fast-paced world.
I am a freelance graphic designer; social media strategist/content manager and model that has found myself deeply involved in the beauty industry and more recently, the digital media and entertainment industry. What’s great about both these areas is that though they’re in the beginning stages, they’re both growing rapidly in Africa. And being able to actively contribute to this growth makes work days a lot more meaningful and exciting.
And as a Ugandan being born and bred in South Africa, this is how I typically style myself for a productive work-week:
It’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward at the start of the work-week (especially in the new year). What better way to do that than in an all-black power outfit? You not only make a statement but you also exude power, confidence and a little bit of sexy, setting the tone for a fruitful week ahead.
I love dresses not only because they require no mixing and matching with bottoms but also because they accentuate the lady in you. Paired with statement black heels and sunnies; a vintage handbag and out-of-the-box studs, you have an outfit that’s not only simple/elegant but also has a touch of personality.
Tip: Your skin is an accessory. Don’t over do it with the extras, especially with dresses that have a little drama going with a slit or low back. Add touches to pick up on the colour of the dress or your skin tone. That way you don’t look clumsy and your outfit comes off looking effortless.
Keeping with the best foot forward, you want to still be meeting-ready with a more laid-back approach. Yes, you can be laid-back in all white lol!
White is such a beautiful colour. I think I enjoy it particularly for the contrast it is to my skin tone and gives a great air of elegance and chicness of worn well.
Here, I’ve paired a Zara Trafuluc shirt that has some fun at the back and paired it with plain white jeans; tan suede tassel heels; a colourful neck-piece diamanté studs, and gold statement sunnies.
Tip: The trick with white is to always make sure the whites match but also to acquire pieces that have modified dimensions and silhouettes. This way, you don’t put pressure on yourself to have a perfect body with form-fitting items but also, you look like you know how to wear white garments really well.
A week cannot go by without me celebrating my first love, Africa. It represents so much diversity and as the work-week hits its halfway mark, I always like to bring in this zest to keep my creative juices flowing. Colour is not something to be afraid of. When done right, instead of looking clumsy, you can bring an air of happiness and encourage a more smiles throughout the course of the day.
Still one of my favourite buys, I paired this African print poncho with a lime/olive green pencil skirt; rose-gold strappy sandal heels; gold triangle studs and a bright pink wristlet.
Tip: When pairing colourful pieces together, always make sure you match complimentary colours (google the Colour wheel if you have to) or otherwise make sure to pick up on the colours found in the one item. For instance here, I used the poncho as my springboard and built my outfit from there.
Toning it down a little, I like to keep my Thursdays casual mostly because this is an errand day for me. From printing, to locking down suppliers, I need an outfit that speaks to my creativity; is comfortable but not sloppy.
Black jeans (faded or not) are always my saviour because they’re easy to dress up or down. Paired with a tan strappy top for easy manoeuvring; black loafers (my faves); black sunnies; a black choker and studs, topping it off with a green sling for a little accessory fun.
Tip: Strappy tops can be a nightmare if the actual strap in itself is too long for your shoulder. Always get a tailor to adjust this so you don’t have wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort with having to constantly roll the strap up once it’s fallen off your shoulder. Or if you’re a wiz with a machine, you can just do it yourself. Also, keep a blazer in the car for an easy switch-up in case you have an emergency meeting to attend.
I like to keep it super easy on Fridays. Shirts and shirt dresses have become a go-to for me, probably because they allow for easy movement but also, if worn right, can scream uncomplicated elegance. Here, I’m wearing a linen striped grey shirt paired with white and gold loafers; a gold sling and diamanté studs.
Tip: It’s always a good idea to have a couple of shirts on hand. They are easy to pair with and can be dressed up or down with ease. Don’t worry too much about the right fit, a belt can be thrown in when accentuated waists need to be achieved.
Satur-yay! Shorts, shades and cocktails. That’s always the order of my Saturdays – unless I need to work. It’s really about having fun because this is the one day in the week you get to be your ‘coolest’ you. Whether you want to kick back and relax or have a day out with the girls (or guys), it’s the one day you don’t have to live up to anything and be everything you can’t be during the work-week.
Here, my Saturday vibe is a pair of washed-out denim shorts; a floral corset; converse all stars; reflective aviators; a cobalt blue bag and a Grecian flower crown for a little drama.
Tip: Have fun! Life isn’t that serious.

Hope you enjoyed my style diary and if you need more fashion, style or life inspiration, please feel free to sign up on my blog HERE or keep in touch via my Instagram. Also, if you’re a fan of the hair cut, be sure to follow Lajawi for more hair inspiration and tips.

Photography by: Anza Raphalalani

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