Style Diary: Olerato Pharasi the Founder of House of OP

Greetings everyone. My name is Olerato Pharasi and I’m the founder of House of OP , where I work as a Brand and Personal Image Coach. I specialise in brand start-ups, brand revamps, content creation, image consulting and personal styling, and finally creative consulting for projects and events.

Sheesh, what a mouthful. Finally, I run a blog page called Style by OP and here I blog about my corporate chic style, documenting my day-to-day work wear style.

I would describe my style as ‘corporate chic’.  As a working girl, I find ways to make my corporate wear work for me. I love styling up different looks in the work wear department.

We all know that the corporate world dress code is one that is rigid, especially for woman. Stylista’s all over the world have taken to the internet to express their work wear fashions.

Stay tuned and have a look at how I style out during the week.


Monday’s are all about starting the week off right! I absolutely love the mantra “when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good and when you do good, good comes back to you” ,so I say.. look good.

Monday’s are my “business before everything else” days. This is when I work out my week and tend to matters of importance, and work my way through to the not so importance stuff.


Tuesdays = Flexible but still fabulous! Tuesdays are for running around, so comfortable shoes and easy outfits. By easy I’m talking about something as simple but still chic as a one-piece, because when you’re running a business trying to figure out which pair of trousers go with which kind of top tends to be the least of you worries.

Also, I too get lazy in the styling department sometimes, mostly on Tuesdays. Haha!


Wednesday= Mid-week groove and grind. I tend to keep it casual but chic. I love the ‘corporate’ look, but I tend to keep it more stylish than rigid corporate. I style up and switch up my work wear, allowing myself flexibility for different occasions.



Thursday = weekday with a hint of fab! Thursdays are reserved for photo shoots, workshops, events, training programmes etc.

I tend to keep my outfits stylish but wearable, also giving preference to one pieces. One-pieces are pretty easy to wear.


Fridays are for casual wear. Fridays are my errand days. From finishing off everything on my weekly to do list, to last minute grocery shopping to laundry. I usually prepare myself to have a peaceful weekend.


(Most )Weekends = chill weekends. When I’m free from events and training sessions, my Saturdays tend to be quite peaceful. I engage in regular lunches and shopping excursions, with regular wine dates with friends.


On Sundays, I tend to become more like “a normal person, doing regular things”. You can find me at the sunny warm beaches of Port Elizabeth, catching a tan. (Jokes, I don’t tan). My Sundays are reserved for letting my hair down and wearing very flat shoes.

For more on my day-to-day looks, and a few style  “how-to’s”, visit my blog HERE! Feel free to comment and connect with me on the following social media channels; InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


Photography by: Odette Johaar


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