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BROUGHT ALIVE is a Digital Content Editorial and Publishing consultancy run by Lwazi Bengu, a digital and print editorial specialist. The agency has a collective of writers and creatives specialising in content management on both digital and print platforms. Impactful storytelling using rich media is the end game to the agencies work.

With a keen interest in social impact projects Brought Alive has a particular focus on helping organisations with little resources and skills to reach a far wider audience and convey their brand through digital storytelling.  As a Digital Strategist (Yes this is King writing this post) I took a keen interest in this boutique agency that is driven by social change and takes a Humanitarian angle in their work which is something we don’t see often.

Draped in a black floral dress, carrying a smile that could heal the wounds of the world, Ms Lwazi Bhengu joined me for an interview to discuss her agency and her approach to social change in an industry that is focused on profits and bagging awards.

During our sit down, we spoke about being a young and black female in the creative industry, how to inspire social change, and of course IceCream! Below is the Q&A we had.

  • I start every interviewing with asking the creative that I am interviewing to describe themselves as a specific ice-cream flavour and tell us why that flavour resonates with you and your personality

I could live on this. I would be the Cookies and Cream flavoured ice cream. I mean how can you NOT love this gem of a ice cream flavour. Sweet enough with surprise little biscuit nuggets in every scoop.

  • Brought Alive is inspired by the genuine desire to see conceptual ideas come alive using texture, design and copywriting. What is your view on being a black creative in South Africa? Do you believe that we are being given a platform to thrive and will your platform serve as an outlet for black ideas, for black people by black people?

It’s especially an exciting time to be a black creative in South Africa. More than ever, young creative South Africans truly believe they can reach, explore and share their inspiring work on a global scale. This realisation comes from self-actualisation that what you have to offer is worthy on a larger scale beyond our borders. Every day we find our voice and explore the beauty in our identity. We are the answer to our limitations. Our boundaries and future. I believe we are also beginning to slowly realise that we are truly more powerful as a collective. Our voice is far greater that way. So definitely Brought Alive fully embraces creating a platform for black ideas to be heard and shared amongst many other unheard voices.

  • You discuss your passion for social change which I believe is really important to our generation that is ruled by immorality and violence. Are you involved in any social change projects? If not, what are your favourite ones?

In whatever industry we are in, we have an opportunity to share with the world in creating or influencing some degree of change to those around us. Even one person’s life having been inspired or influenced positively in some way or another is worth every effort. Locally I love the work Redbull Amaphiko are doing by teaching social entrepreneurs skills and holding workshops, Goethe Institute has amazing initiatives of giving a platform to South African and African storytellers, and internationally the SIMA Organisation celebrating social-documentary storytelling. Authentic African storytelling is so crucial to our society and the world.

  • I am very excited to feature you on IceKream, before we get into what you do and what Brought Alive is about, can you tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you tick?

I am creative at heart. Always have been. I enjoy exploring new mediums of design and communication. As beings we are moved by different things. My biggest curiosity is experimenting with storytelling of ways that capture audiences, builds their trust and inspires them to look at their surroundings differently. My art teacher once told me as a little girl, that if you can create something that evokes an emotion, whether bad or good, from an audience, you have done a great job. And that is my mission. To create and share content that sparks something in a reader.

  • Brought Alive is an amazing platform and I am personally excited about this platform as its main aim is pushing social change in the most creative ways from corporate which sounds like an oxymoron as most corporates give back to society or promote social change on topical days such as Mandela Day or World Aids Day, can you take us through some of the projects Brought Alive has worked on?

Brought Alive has had the pleasure of working with a non-profit organization in training them in the importance of storytelling from their end. As a non-profit, they rely solely on funding and the goodwill of others. Without the understanding of how to translate the great work they are doing in visual and conceptual mediums, they stand to lose the potential for deeper impact by not sharing their journey in innovative ways. As a result, the public is forced to actually take note of the stories behind the lives they are giving towards and not merely shoving money their way.

  • I am very passionate about telling African stories, for Africans, by Africans, and using an African perspective hence I started IceKream. I am interested in what sparked the idea to blend in mainstream media and humanitarian activities?

I strongly believe in the marriage between media and humanitarian/social impact projects for social change. We are bombarded with so much information and external influences but what if we had to curate those stories ourselves. It’s our job to take part in this movement that with time will change the way people think, perceive and approach our continent. And it’s through these stories that real social change can start taking place.

Thank you so much to Lwazi for taking the time out to chat with me about her she is single handily changing the world for good one client at a time.

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