Lungi Naidoo Talks about the SA Music Scene, Collaborations and Her New Album

After years of hustling in the shadows crafting her music career, Lungi is poised for a major industry take over. The young musician from KwaMaphumulo in KwaZulu-Natal grew up on a farm where she says she was obsessed with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. She always knew that she would sing, which is why when she matriculated she headed straight to Johannesburg to pursue her dream. We had a chat with Lungi Naidoo about her new album, titled Black Diamond, and how she first broke into the South African music scene.

IceKream: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, who is Lungi Naidoo?

Lungi Naidoo: I am a singer and songwriter from very humble beginnings in KwaMaphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal. I also love acting and I have a role in Akin Omotoso‘s upcoming film, Vaya.

IceKream: When did you start making music and how did you get into it?

Lungi Naidoo: I started singing at a very young age. I later joined a gospel group and that’s where I got proper vocal training. I moved to Jo’burg to pursue a career in music and after a long journey I am happy to say that it’s all been worth it.

IceKream: You’ve been making music collaboratively thus far. Why did you feel like this was the right moment to put out your first official album?

Lungi Naidoo: Collaborating with other musicians and artist helped groom me in different ways. Firstly, the moment you collaborate, you bring two worlds into one. And I love that feeling of “I-wonder-what-this-song-is-going-sound-like?” it really excites me. This was the right time for me to release my new album, Black Diamond, because I was ready emotionally and spiritually for a new journey.

IceKream: How would you compare the creation of your latest album, Black Diamond, to that of your previous projects, i.e. your ‘Love on Fire’ with Black Coffee?

Recording Falling* with @realblackcoffee for my new project. I am humbled!!!

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Lungi Naidoo: Love on fire gave me courage – a way to come back into the music scene with a heavy weight producer and a song that would re-introduce me as an artist and songwriter.

IceKream: Who are your influences? Growing up, did you look up to certain artists?

Lungi Naidoo: Brenda Fassie is by far my musical hero.

IceKream: What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

Lungi Naidoo: Black Diamond, cos this album truly is a breath of fresh air and a way forward for me. 

IceKream: What’s next? What is the ultimate goal for Lungi Naidoo?

Lungi Naidoo: To become an international brand and to have my music cross into other African countries, I want to see / hear people singing my music and dancing to my songs all over the world. That’s my ultimate dream.

5-scoops-of-facts you didn’t know about  Lungi Naidoo:

#Scoop 1: If you could have dinner with any artist — dead or alive — who would it be and where would you take them?

It would be Brenda Fassie. I would take her to my grandmother’s home.

#Scoop 2: In terms of career, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

I always sang…so artist is definitely the answer. But I also wanted to be a paramedic.

#Scoop 3: Name three songs on your playlist right now

  1. Lungi Naidoo – Away With Me
  2. The Weeknd – I  Feel It Coming
  3. Tekno – Pana

#Scoop 4: Bungee jumping, sky diving or getting inked?

I have four tattoos already, so I’ll go with sky diving.

#Scoop 5: Gin, vodka, Jäger or tequila?

Red wine!

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