Mumm Unveils Their Revolutionary New Champagne Bottle in South Africa

Maison Mumm has announced the reveal of its new Champagne bottle, Mumm Grand Cordon, the most avant-garde design in the 183-year history of the pioneering Champagne House. Celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, the reinterpretation of the red sash makes its distinguishing feature on the bottle. This was inspired by the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian award, as a genuine red ribbon, which is laser cut into the glass bottle, making it the most eye-catching detail on the Mumm Grand Cordon bottle.


This emblem of excellence dates to 1876, when Mumm founder Georges Hermann Mumm had the idea of decorating selected champagnes with the red ribbon of the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian award. Unique to the premium Champagne industry, the bottle will not have a front label; instead, the Mumm signature is screened directly on the glass in gold lettering.

In celebration of the 2017 Sun Met Celebrated with Mumm, South Africa unveiled the new bottle at the Mumm Paddock Club Marquee; now all South Africa consumers can purchase the revolutionary new bottle of Mumm Grand Cordon at Mumm retailers nationwide.

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