Style Diary: Menswear Blogger Aneyx

My name is Anesu Chogugudza, better know as Aneyx on the socials. Originally from Zimbabwe but now Cape Town based. I’m a Marketing student by day, but at night and during my free time I’m a men’s style blogger, model and brand ambassador.

My style of preference is very simple, a part time dandy and a lover of denim. If I’m not wearing a suit I’ll most probably be wearing some cool denims.

Look 1: Mustard Suit 

I attend a lot of events and I always want to look dapper, so this is the type of look I would go for to make a bold statement.
Look 2: Grey Jeans
Tuesday’s are always spent in Town at a coffee store doing some work.  I usually find myself running errands on Tuesdays and attending to my admin work & studies for the week, this look is rather functional and comfortable.
Look 3: Navy Suit
Every Wednesday is a Fashion-Wednesday for me. This particular Wednesday happens to be MBFW and you’ll definitely find me in something along these lines.
Look 4: Patched Denim
I find myself at castings/shoots during the week hence why I decide to attend to these with a street look which has just the proper balance of classic and edgy.
Look 5: Trench Coat
As the week draws to an end, I hang out with my good friends in Cape Town.  This look is a simple look which works for both day and night.

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Photography credits: Sarah Keogh


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