DreamTeam Gets Ready to Shut Critics Down With a Fiery New EP

After achieving individual success in 2016 – Saso, Trey and Dash, collectively known as DreamTeam, are gearing up to release a powerful EP to set the record straight and regain old fans whilst seducing new fans! The expected short album; cleverly titled Level Up addresses why DreamTeam moved from the city of Durban to Joburg as well as industry whispers and slight rumours about a group split between the boys, as DreamTeam appeared to have had a quiet 2016.


We’re taking it back to the music – The essence of Artistry!” said, Trey. “Yeah, we’ve been busy finding new sounds that will position us now – not only as Durban’s Hip Hop group, but also as the Country’s best rap trio!” chimed in Dash, as the three detail the motivation to release the EP.

We have a lot to say about the music industry, what we’ve learnt and where we are going as a musical act. Level Up cleverly dives into all these topics and more, through our signature DreamTeam delivery. We are so excited for the year ahead but more importantly, we had a lot of fun in studio and we can’t wait to share this with our fans” said Saso.

DreamTeam’s Level Up EP is set to drop early April for digital download only. Watch Level Up teaser below:



Distributed by: Kim Sineke

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