Toya Delazy Drops EP – Jetlag

After not releasing any music since 2015, Toya Delazy is back with a surprise EP, Jetlag.

We took some time out to catch up with Toya and get to know a tad bit more about her EP and the break she took. For the past two years Toya has been juggling being independent (yes she’s now an Indie artist) and touring the globe. Toya is back with a 10 track EP that gives us insight on what’s in her head.

“I dropped the EP for fun really, I’ve been working on so many tracks since being independent, that I’ve had to separate them into different projects. With Jetlag, I want to show my global influences taken while travelling and residing in the UK, Jetlag is an EP that I’ve released before my 3rd album drops, to give my fans an idea of where my head is at the moment.

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