TV Presenter Jade Hübner Due to Release Second Studio Single This May

Top Billing presenter, musician, actress, model and part-time student, Jade Hübner teamed up with renowned producer Cosher, as well as up-and-coming singer-song writer Desmond John (aka DJ) to release her second studio single titled Better Off, which is available to download across all digital platforms from 8 May 2017. This single follows the success of her first debut song Midnight Feels, which was well-received by national radio as well as the media.

When asked about the meaning behind not only the title but also the lyrics of the pop single, Jade said: “Almost everyone has been in a toxic relationship, whether it be with a partner or a friend. This song is about finding the strength to move on in those situations and acknowledge that the bad does in fact outweigh the good. I’m certain that anyone who listens to it will be able to identify with this in their own way.”

Local singer-songwriter Majozi introduced Jade to Cosher when she was developing her first single – Midnight Feels – late last year. According to Majozi, it was a completely natural progression for Jade who is looking to collaborate with South Africa’s best musical talent.

After all is said and done, Jade aims to inspire and motivate those around her to think and act outside the box and enjoy their lives to the fullest.



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