LOUI LVNDN Releases Debut Single ‘Kill Her Killer’

Loui Lvndn, (pronounced “London”) has since evolved into the genre defying and genre unifying art/fun house he is today.  The highly anticipated single ‘Kill Her Killer’ from his debut album ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ had an exclusive first play on 23 June on 5fm. This is what they had to say – “Did you hear Roger Goode spin the exclusive new Loui Lvndn banger this morning on 5FM? We foresee big things in store for this guy”.

The fresh and exciting Loui Lvndn sound has been compared to that of Pharrel Williams and N.E.R.D, Lenny Kravitz, Kid Cudi and even Kendrick Lamar among other greats by those enthusiasts who unanimously appreciate the wunderkind as World Class South African talent shooting for the moon. ​’​ Your Princess Is In Another Castle​’​ is avaialable on ITunes HERE

It is Produced & mixed by Jumping Back Slash. Engineered by Alex Coetzee. Mastered by Loui Fourie at Sine Sound and Mastering. Additional Instrumentation by Tyrone Parsons. Composed and Written by Loui Lvndn. “Body of Work”, “Nothings Ever Perfect“ (Digital Bonus Track) and “Landed” (CD Bonus track) featuring and co-written by Sowetan “Township Tech” guru Spoek Mathambo.



Distributed by: Tickybox Media



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