Believe The Hype: Spree Drops The Index

On August 21st 2017 Spree drops The Index, an online sneaker and street-wear destination for men and women. “We took a look at the rise of sneaker culture from humble functional beginnings to the cultural phenomenon it is today.” The goal for The Index is to create a one-stop destination showcasing styles from the most impactful street-wear brands in the world.

Street-wear is no longer a subculture” said Kim Hawkins, Head of Brand Marketing for Spree, when asked why the retailer decided to focus on the street-wear space. “Sneakers are for everyone and the rise in popularity was impossible for us to ignore.”


What started as a subculture is now omnipresent and the sneaker industry’s growth can be directly plotted alongside the commercialization of hip-hop. Watershed moments like the release of RUN-DMC’s track “My Adidas’” signified the beginning of sneaker endorsement deals for non-athletes and what rappers wore started going mainstream.

In the years that followed musicians, movie stars and entertainers merged into powerful entities with immeasurable influence, and sneaker brands began vying for the ultimate collaborative deal.


Sneakers have the inimitable power to transcend boundaries of gender, age and socioeconomic standing, positioning them as the footwear of choice for millions. As street-wear devotee Naledi Radebi puts it, ”At the most basic level sneakers are a form of transport.  At the highest, they are a symbol of character and status. All these shoes say something about the people that own them. They’re a representation of the energy and vibe you as an individual want to emit to the world.” It is safe to say that in today’s world sneakers go way beyond fashion or functionality, they signify who you are through the choices you make.

Spree The Index offers a curated selection of leading brands such as Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse, Fila, Vans and New Balance. The look book features Gemini Major, Neema and Atish Jogi.



Competition Ts&Cs:

  • Winners must be over the age of 18
  • Only open to SA residents.
  • One winner (in total) from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be chosen.

What they win:

  • A sneaker kit (1x) and Spree shopping voucher to the value of R 1 500

Closing Date of Comp:

  • 30 Aug


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