Rocka Edge HD Action Camera and Rocka Curve Earphones Review

A couple of months back we received some goodies from Rocka, a proudly South African premium brand of good-quality consumer headphones, earphones and cameras. You may have seen some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as, AKA, Euphonik, DJ Zinhle, Danny K and DJ Tira to name a few, as part of the celebrity-edition of the Rocka brand.

We were fortunate enough to be sent a couple of Rocka goodies to review and this post will focus on the Rocka Edge HD Action Camera as well as their sexy, Rocka Curve Earphones

Rocka Edge HD Action Camera

The Rocka Edge HD Action Camera with Touch Screen comes with:

  1. Ten metre water proof housing – (the glass cover thingy) which is meant to protect it from water damage or when you drop the camera by mistake while on adventure
  2. Casing – which also helps protect the glass thingy from breaking
  3. USB charger cable – so you can easily transfer your videos or pics onto your laptop
  4. Suction mount – so you can attach the action camera on to a flat of smooth surface while recording a video
  5. A strap – which you can tie around your hand while doing other awesome (action) shit!
  6. Helmet mount – if you’re cycling you can easily attach your camera on your helmet and record all the fun
  7. Handlebar mount – which means you can attach the camera on your bikes’ handle

We gave this baby to a friend, who was going on a trip to Greece and we thought she could document her trip and let us know what she thinks of the Rocka Edge HD action camera, here’s what she had to say:

“My experience using the Rocka Action Camera

For someone who has seen my friends using Go-Pro, I was excited to use the Rocka Action Camera for the first time. I already had my own expectations with regards to its usage and picture quality. However I found that it was not as easy to use or at least my expectations of its usage were not met.

I took it with me on my trip to Greece where I realised that the accessories that were provided with the camera were not that relevant for my trip. I then went to camera stores in Greece to look for accessories that would make my use of the camera easier but most of the stores had not heard of the brand thus they did not have the accessories I wanted. And it was because of this that I ended up not using the camera.” – Lotang

The Rocka HD Action Camera is available at Makro stores and online, and if you’ve used it before on your trip please leave us a comment in the box below and let us know your thoughts.

Rocka Curve Earphones 

The Rocka Curve Earphones come with:

  1. Premium earbuds – they actually come with an extra two pairs of earbuds which is wonderful because we all know how these little things can go MIA on you.
  2. Compatible with most phones, MP3 players and other devices
  3. Built-in walk and talk mic
  4. Comfortable fit – perfect for when you’re on the move
  5. Extended high frequency response – for crisp and dynamic sound

Our content curator, Khanyi, took these badass babies for a spin and here’s what she had to say:

“My experience using the Rocka Curve Earphones

I’ve been searching for the perfect earphones to use for when I go to gym or for a jog and I can definitely say that I would pick the Rocka Curve earphones any day! They fit so comfortably in the ear and I don’t have to constantly adjust them while working out. And the black and yellow colours matches with my workout clothes, so that’s another plus LOL!”

Get yourself the Rocka Curve Earphones from Makro stores and online for an affordable price of R79.00. If you already have them, please drop us a comment on the box below, we’d love to hear your thoughts. You can also follow Rocka on their social media channels to learn more about their products: Instagram




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