Tips on Natural-Hair-Care From Natural-Hair-Goddesses at Afri-Fro Hair Salon

Afri-Fro Hair Salon is dedicated to providing quality hair care for African ethnic hair (afros and dreadlocks). The salon aims to provide excellent customer care through exceptional service, quality products and a clean and pleasurable atmosphere at a reasonable price. The salon sets itself apart by using products that are for African ethnic hair as well as being a hub that will promote not only loving and embracing your natural hair but embracing your Africanism.

The salon was opened in February 2017 and it is steadily growing. The concept for a niche hair salon was as a result of misunderstood and mishandled natural hair in many salons, so Afri-Fro believed there was a gap in the market for a salon that understands and cares for natural hair and provides excellent hair care. They have three ladies who are employed at the salon and they are all qualified hair dressers.

We had the pleasure of visiting the salon to learn more about natural hair care. Boitumelo, one of the hair-dressers, shared the following tips and tricks when it comes to natural hair care:

Products to use during your natural hair care journey: 

Most women are starting to embrace their natural hair nowadays, and this has made it so much easier to find natural hair care products as brands have noted this shift and have started to dabble in these types of products and accessibility. Since Afri-Fro is a small, black, female owned business, we generally recommend / push for hair care products by other small businesses within the hair care industry.

When shopping for hair products, it’s very important that you check the ingredients. Mainly because there are some stuff that don’t really work for natural hair, for example, petroleum, it’s not good for natural hair because it closes the paws. Stuff you want to look out for are your natural oils and essential oils such as; avocado oil, carrot oil, castor oil as well as coconut oil (that we all love).

Our top 4 local natural hair care products  are: 

1. Mabu Tribe:  a women owned brand, proudly South African and it’s a very good product made of natural ingredients and can be used by kids. It’s actually one of our clients favourite. 

2. Nalane: has this treatment that is very popular in the hair care industry – it’s a hair-softening mask i.e if you have very coarse hair – it helps manage it for you. It makes the hair a bit more manageable.

3. Brown Child: Also locally produced and does wonders for natural hair

4. Black African Organics: which contains one of the best ingredient in hair-care, black soap.


Keeping your natural hair healthy: 

Hair maintenance is so simple; for your hair to grow, you really need to take care of it. That involves ensuring that every day you moisturise you hair. There’s a lot of methods that people use, but I prefer the loc-method, where you’d use liquid, oil and a cream based moisturiser.

With your liquids, you can use any water-based spray i.e detangling-mist or even water, because what we essentially want is the liquid from the spray. For the oils, it can be anything between castor or coconut oil to seal in the moisture after spraying your hair. Here you want to focus on your scalp and then cover it up with your cream, which can be sheer butter – this is called the loc-method.

Avoiding natural hair shrinkage: 

Every night before bed, you can bantu-twist your fro so that when you wake up in the morning the length is still there.

Trimming is also important:

Ensure that you remove the dead hairs so that you assist with the hair growth and healthier hair.

Washing your hair involves:

Using a shampoo and a conditioner. Make sure that every time after washing your hair with shampoo you put in a conditioner afterwards. Make sure your shampoo has the right amount of sulfate because when there’s too much of it in the shampoo, it causes your hair to break. However, most natural hair care products are sulfate-free. Use a conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo because a conditioner helps restore the moisture.

Breathing space after unplating:

It’s always advisable to give some breathing space after unplating you hair, because when you’re always pulling at your hair it makes it weaker. So give your hair some time to breath.

When you have cornrows or braids:

Even when you have cornrows or braids, you need to make sure that all of your hair is getting moisturised, not just the front parts that people can see. Maybe once in a week you need to sit down and spray from the root to within each strand (it may take time but this goes a long way in promoting healthy hair and growth)

Taking care of your natural hair during Spring / Summer: 

Our hair loses moisture much quicker in the hotter seasons (Summer / Spring) so it’s best to drink lots of water, stay hydrated and spray our hair (with water even). And remember to moisturise and stay moisturised. Keep your hair hydrated at all times. 


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