Zandie Khumalo to Drop Her First Album

October 2017 sees the release of one of 2017 most awaited albums in Mzansi tittled Izikhali ZaMaNtungwa by Zandie Khumalo. It has taken Zandie exactly a year to work on her body of work,she released her very first single “Themba” on the 3rd of October 2016 and in exactly a year and 10 days later she will be releasing her first album.

“It is a 12 track album that I had a lot of fun working on and I’m sure that my fans will love it coz I took my time to try and connect with them so I could get a real understanding and sense of what they like and what is it that they expect from me” explains Zandie. She worked behind the scenes helping her sister Kelly Khumalo from when she was 13 doubling up or even tripling up as her dancer,back up singer and stylist. Zandie admits that she was worried when she went solo that people will always try and throw her back to her sisters shadow but instead they embraced her as a solo artist to an extent that some people were even saying “It’s about time”

The Album will be in stores and all digital platforms on the 13th of October and herewith the album track listing below:

1. Impilo
2. Ubedlula bible
3. Nguwe
4. Soze
5. Ungenzani
6. Ngeke
7. Bittersweet
8. Themba
9. Nami Ngiyal’funa
10. Umakoti
11. Miracle
12. Izikhali ZamaNtungwa



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