Style Diary: Co-Founders of SA Street Clothing Brand I RUN JHB

Meet King and Neo, the co-founders of a street clothing brand called I RUN JHB which is based at the Workshop in Newtown Junction mall. I RUN JHB is a premium South African street culture lifestyle brand which fuses the african traditional culture aesthetics and urban street culture trends to create Umswenko.

We have put together a style diary that represents each element of our brand which comprises of four elements namely; the South African traditional wear, kasi street wear, African traditional aesthetics and urban street culture wear.


The reason behind wearing tracksuits (all black and white with navy blue) on a Monday is purely for comfort. This is mostly  we usually get off to a busy start, as we have to walk all around Johannesburg CBD sourcing fabrics for production so tracksuits are for comfort but also trying keep it cool while roaming the streets of Jozi.


The inspiration behind wearing the XiTsonga tracksuits is also about comfort because we usually do most of our deliveries on Tuesdays but we also want to represent an authentic indigenous South African culture while doing our deliveries so that our customers can see that we’re not just selling culture to them but we also represent it by wearing it when delivering to them.


The third look resonates with the urban street culture that we push try and push at our shop. The aim is to show that we don’t just only sell traditional inspired garments but we also keep up with global urban street culture trends hence our third look.


The inspiration behind the fourth look is representing where we come from which is the township through outfits that are synonymous with amaPantsula ,these outfits are called Umathanda Ekhishini ,which is an outfit that represents the township and the Pantsula street subculture.


Umbhaco wakwa Xhosa 2-piece sets represents an authentic South African ethnic culture but also keeping fashion forward. And on Fridays we always celebrate #FullFashionFriday through cool traditional inspired outfits to complete the week

I RUN JHB garments are the epitome of Johannesburg as a city that is known to be the only city that accommodates descendants from different parts of South Africa and Africa at large therefore it was only fitting that we name the brand after Johannesburg as we are the only brand that accommodates different South African traditional cultures and street sub-cultures and African traditional cultures from Africa at large.

Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for more of our looks and you can get in touch with us on 078 561 6060 or 078 723 1082 and support local.



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