“Connie Box” Summer Prep Limited Edition

Connie Bhebhe quickly made a name for herself upon returning home to South Africa after spending half her life in Canada. Her initial desire was to inspire young girls through her self published book “Modern Princess – A young woman guide to creating a balanced life” but she quickly realized that book sales don’t pay rent. She turned to a product that had helped her detox and lose weight which was a complex blend of over 11 herbs to be consumed as a tea by branding the tea under the company name PRItea; beauty by tea.
Soon she would be seen on Afternoon Express, Sistahood, Money Web and other national platforms to share her knowledge and product line which quickly grew to two separate companies PRItea and Cobe Fit. Fast forward a year later, Connie saw a gap in the cosmetic industry where there are virtually no women creating or branding cosmetics. With a sharp eye for what’s hot, Connie launched her lipstick matte range titled Connie Transform which quickly became the rave among ethnic women who otherwise have had a difficult time finding shades that work for their skin tone at an affordable price.
In her own words “I’ve wanted for a while to put together all the products I’ve created over the last three years into one box for my supporters”. This desire has lead her to create the first ever “Connie Box” which includes the ultimate summer prep products; PRItea Slimming tea, Cobe Fit Thermothin sweat belt (from her biggest company to date), a pair of 3D Mink lashes and the very popular Connie Transform matte lipstick. The Connie Box is discounted to R600 with free courier in South Africa and is available on her personal website.



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