A Fairy Tale Made in Mzanzi Super Shabba & Princess Bokang

Kaizer Chiefs Captain and midfielder, Siphiwe Tshabalala and his wife, Former Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala today launched their own range of children’s clothing, dolls and accessories under the brands Super Shabba and Princess Bokang. Adorable girls and boys clothing, from the ages of 2 – 10, was modeled by eager children at  the Clearwater Mall to tremendous applause.

What makes the range so refreshing and new is the iconography on the clothing featuring our own local icons Super Shabba & Princess Bokang. “Currently available on our shelves are heroes and princesses that look nothing like an
African child, we created these brands because want to show our children that they too can be heroes or princesses. They can embrace their African-ness and shine just as brightly as the heroes and princess in other fairy tales. We need to remind them that ‘embracing who you are, is beautiful. All shades of Black is beautiful. Being a girl who grew up in the rural area one of her biggest legacy would be teaching young people that they are not defined by their background and should never allow anyone to make them feel inferior because of the colour of their skin and texture of their hair.” says Bokang

In the same vein, Siphiwe, who was born and bred in Soweto, in spite of all the challenges he faced and all odds being against him, he focused on his goals, never gave up and is now one of the most successful and sought after footballers in the Country having scored a cracker of a goal against Mexico in his and South Africa’s first FIFA World Cup match. Having a child as a couple made them realized that it is important for their son to wear clothes that also  define who he is and the couple decided to fill that gap themselves.

Their vision is to create a range of local heroes that a South African child can relate to and inspire them to believe in themselves and their dreams. They want to empower African Children to dream and not be limited to the current offerings in the market.

The range also has a black doll, made in the likeness of Bokang Dressed in African garb; the plan is to also introduce a limited edition of the diverse South African tribes so they can teach kids about their different cultures and  traditions. The clothes are available on www.sbkids.co.za and will also be sold at Mamma Magic from the 1st to the 3rd of December 2017. A pop-up store will also be at Clearwater mall from December till January 2018



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