Breakout House Artist Namhla Mbawuli Returns With Second Single

2017 was the breakout year for house Artist Namhla Mbawuli who astounded with her debut single, the contagious “Uyindlela”. ​Shortly after releasing her single into the market, she was play-listed on numerous stations around SA, interviewed and performed on top stations like Metro FM and TV shows like Yo TV. The response was hypnotic and testament to the ambitious and talented artist Namhla who is, who will not be slowing down at any point.

2018 sees her return with her banger house anthem – ‘Risking It All’.  Although Namhla is still actively working on her debut single Uyindlela, ‘Risking It All‘ shows a different side to this versatile artist, and is a perfect summer anthem. The song’s hook then brings an African flavor into the song to which Namhla feels can help diversify her creativity as an artist in not only the electro market, but the music industry as a whole.

Namhla personally identifies with the title of the song as she admits that tapping into the electro market could be risky given the commercial house sound her supporters are accustomed to but it’s a risk she is willing to take. In essence ‘Risking It All’ is about taking chances, risks, not conforming to the norm, but rather doing what makes you as an individual happy; a message that most people can identify with. ‘Risking It All’ will be out on all digital channels on 26 January and the Music Video will debut on the 1 February.



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