Rubber Duc Drop 3rd Single From Their SAMA-Nominated Debut Album

All those in relationships can agree. Rubber Duc explain the song’s theme: Even if you end up marrying the first person you ever loved, it still takes a lot of work to make it to the finish line. However, there are times in life where you meet somebody who you fall for quickly, sometimes before you even know them. Once you are committed, you see a side to them that you never saw coming. Ultimately it makes you feel trapped. You don’t want to hurt them, so you hold what you feel inside, you let the wound fester and ultimately the end becomes ugly. Why wait? Why not ‘Twist’ your way out of the situation before it gets to that point?

‘Twist’ is about letting go and not letting somebody tie you down to something you’d rather not be in. It’s about loosening up their ties and breaking free. It’s about looking after your heart and theirs and ultimately getting out with the least amount of damage that can be inflicted.

The mood of the song is rather uplifting in contrast to what the song is about. Rubber Duc wrote it that way with the idea in mind that when someone does make a tough decision to let go of a relationship, they slowly start getting the bounce back in their step that, for a short while, was missing. 

Listen to ‘Twist’ HERE!




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