Khabonina Qubeka’s #KhaboYoga Tour Goes International

Popular South African award-winning actress, choreographer, TV host and the first South African to release a fitness DVD, Khabonina Qubeka has always had a passion for fitness. She is a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle is an important one and spreads the positive message fitness has on one’s body and mind. Now, she is taking her passion for yoga to the next level as she heads out on an international tour where she and YogaRaj are conducting the first ever #Mandela100Yogathon in Hong Kong, with the assistance of Brand South Africa and the South African consulate in Hong Kong.

The aim of the tour is to spread the message of health and fitness and its importance – especially in children. The star continues her mission to educate the country about the powerful attributes yoga has on a person and Khabonina will showcase how yoga specifically has changed her life.

KhaboYoga 2018 Tour Dates:

  • March 27 – 4 Hong Kong
  • April 26 – 29 Botswana
  • June 21 – 28 Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • July – 18 – 26 South Africa

Travelling the world gives you a glimpse into how other people live. I’ve seen the effects yoga has had for countless people in many countries around the world. Yoga has especially become popular in African countries and I want to make a deeper impact with my travels by showcasing the ability to self-heal through the medium and its importance. I’m excited to teach the continent how to use yoga to their benefit.” Expresses Khabonina



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