Inside Ma-E’s Making of Tse Blind Music Video Feat Moozlie & KidX

The wait is nearly over. The countdown begins for the official Tse Blind music video which drops this Friday, 20 Apri by Ma-E featuring KiDX and MoozlieTse Blind as a title simply means The Baddest, and truly this trio is the baddest in carrying out the Skhanda sound. KiDX effortlessly masters the skhanda sound and Moozlie contributes to the record with an old school flavour influenced by Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie.

Moozlie – Skhanda Queen

On production is Lunatik and KO, the guys behind the hit single by KO Caracara and uGogo by Ma-E. With that said, the banger has been heating up the streets and has received numerous requests for a music video. If you haven’t heard the song, download here.

Kid X & Ma-E

Ma-E is known for his creative flair and love for storytelling, which can also be witnessed on the Tse Blind music video. Without giving away too much, the music video starts off with the trio robbing an art gallery and then making their way to the hood (Soweto) to floss and celebrate their big snatch. Ma-E then makes his way to a popular kingpin for a monetary exchange before joining his team once again for a celebratory dinner at a posh Restuarant in Soweto.



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