Rex Steele and Slush Papi Set to Drop Hip Hop Doccie

Local Hip Hop friends and collaborative creative partners, Rex Steele and Slush Papi are releasing their music into the market in a totally adventurous and boundary-pushing way – by showcasing not only their music and sound, but packaging it in a mini Music Video documentary style film highlighting their journey and struggles and their passion to get their music heard. This is the story of 2 hip-hop creative’s in a troubled environment finding a way to overcome the struggle through music and art.

The Documentary is a reflection of modern-day South Africa seen through the eyes of 2 rappers. Gujwa Aka Rex Steele explains – “Zuma’s Zoo is about creating a new platform to showcase our music, to creatively depict our surroundings and artistry into one form. Which is why this is not entirely a documentary but more of a depiction of a lifestyle, as our regular lives and hustle / grind in this lovely city of ours is promulgated”.

Instead of just dropping another single in an already over-saturated market, they wanted to execute something different, something to express their emotions and creativity by showing how they adapt and manoeuvre in this environment.

The Documentary will be preceded by the release of a series of separate music videos and the soundtrack is available on I.Tunes and all other digital platforms will follow the lead singles for the doccie are Free30k and Vuka Kleva.



Distributed by: Ticky Box Media

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