Khabonina to Host New Love Show on BET

In today’s world, we all have relationship issues and struggles that we are never quite sure how to fix.  BET brings you a brand new local production, aimed to set lovers in difficulty onto the path of mending their broken hearts …but with a few interesting twists on Fix My Love starting on Wednesday 2 May at 21:30 CAT on BET.

Hosted by vivacious actress, dancer and choreographer, Khabonina Qubeka, with the support of clinical psychologist and councilor, Dr Khosi Jiyane, Fix My Love will be taking a fresh approach by taking us into the lives of the couples who appear on the show. By showing us their relationship struggles, delving deep into what drove them to a low point, and finally allowing them to talk through their issues.

Commented Khabonina Qubeka: “For Fix My Love I intend on bring honesty and genuineness because as an avid viewer of reality emotainment shows, often I find myself wishing that the host could have come from an honest place or sounded more genuine. Often hosts are chasing something else and completely miss the genuineness of the context being shared by the guest and I hope I won’t be that person.”

Will these couples commit to fixing their love? Each episode will see audiences first getting to know the couple by hearing about the highs and happiest moments in their lives together before the full and intense story of what went wrong is revealed through their intimate introspection.  The couple is then sent off on a ‘one night to save your life’ mission, where they go on a dinner date to explore whether they can fix their love. Intense discussions, burning questions and a surprise twist awaits them to find out if they will give their love another chance, or face the reality to call it quits.



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