Meet The Winners of Tropika Island of Treasure Maldives

In what has to be the most nail-biting finale of any Tropika Island of Treasure to date, Brendan Peyper and Lisanne Lazarus (#TeamRed) came out victorious in the final challenge, making them the winners of #TIOT8 and that coveted R1 million prize! In last night’s final episode of the series, #TeamRed fought hard to beat Nay Maps and Rudi Witkowsky (#TeamYellow) for the title of #TIOT8 champions.

Miantha Padayachee, Marketing Manager for Tropika, notes that each season of Tropika Island of Treasure is more exciting and surprising than the last, and #TIOT8 was no different. “The celebrities and contestants who made up season 8 were an incredible group – so many different personalities, passions, physical strengths and personal ambitions. It was beautiful to see their personalities coming to the fore throughout the season, and more so, to see just how tight-knit a family they all became – even after returning from the island.

I think viewers of #TIOT8 will agree that this season proved to be the most exciting with the amount of Slenda Twists that were thrown into the mix. No matter how physically prepared you may be; no matter great at equations you are; when a Slenda Twist is thrown into the mix – all rules and preconceived notions go out the window. #TeamRed fought hard throughout season 8 and are very deserving of that R1 million!” says Padayachee.

Lazarus, who is graduating with a Cum Laude and Deans Merit in Broadcast Journalism and is currently the Digital Producer for East Coast Radio’s breakfast show, will use the majority of her share of the prize money to invest in property – and treat herself to a shopping spree. Peyper, who was recently revealed as the lead to portray Buddy in the brand-new musical, BUDDY – The Buddy Holly Story, will use his share of the prize money to purchase his first farm/property.



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