Osborne Macharia Creates a Series of Portraits Celebrating The Power of all Women

Kenyan Afrofuturist photographer, Osborne Macharia, was commissioned to create a series of portraits celebrating the power of all women. Macharia used his creative lens to bring to life three female African Superpowers: the Warrior, the Nurturer and the Idol.

The Warrior is the woman of truth, justice and protection. She has survived and now flourishes in the world she creates.  The Nurturer is love, she is mother, she is fertility and nature. She is the mother of a nation. The Idol is the sky and the stars and her beauty transcends all. Her power can trigger the formation of new generations.

You will find women who display all three,” explains Macharia. “I think this is such a powerful message. You don’t have to fall into a certain stereotype, you can enjoy life yet still be responsible, nurturing, caring and a hardcore working woman.”



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