Melo Drops New Music Video Featuring Cliff M

South African pop-gospel artist, Melo releases her brand new music video for the single ‘shakara’ featuring Cliff M, taken off her new album titled, ‘light’. Melo is a 24-year-old, up and coming, Johannesburg based, contemporary gospel music minister with a slew of singles under her belt and an ever-increasing fan base.

Melo is forging a unique and crossover path for herself in the Gospel and Afro Pop markets and ‘shakara’ is the first single off her brand new album titled, ‘light’. Melo delivers a vibrant, feel good sound that will make you smile, bob your head and dance. Her songs have a beautiful and inspiring message to celebrate the life God has given to us all. Watch the new music video below:

“Shakara is a Pidgin English word for swag or feeling good and on top of the world and this song is all about having swag for the Lord. The idea of the video is to show exactly that, incorporating style, feeling good and a vibrant colourful vibe” – explains Melo



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