Steve Madden Launches Self Made Campaign in SA

New York-based, worldwide shoe brand, Steve Madden has welcomed five men and women from South Africa to join a network of New York Self Made entrepreneurs with their Self Made campaign. Aimed at celebrating the success of hard work, perseverance and courage seen in a spectrum of industries such as entertainment, design, expressive and culinary arts; Steve Madden revealed rapper and TV presenter Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena along with street artist, designer and illustrator Karabo Poppy; Chef and restaurant Owner Ash Heeger; Fallen Heroes Tattoo Studio Founder Thys Uys; and Barista and Shift Espresso Founder Luigi Vigliotti as the Steve Madden Self Made crew from South Africa to join the network.

Originating from the same values shared by The Man Steve Madden, that lead him to develop an internationally iconic shoe brand; Self-Made emphasizes the authenticity; drive; innovative and inspirational finesse each of these five men and women possess that have led each of them to the start of their foreseeable success.  



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