#YouFought4Me Youth Commemoration Series: Event Review

Thobeka Mthembu, Creative Entrepreneur & Content Creator 

Commemorating the youth of 1976 is something the youth of South Africa has been doing throughout the month of June. While we were at the #YouFought4Me youth commemoration series, we got to catch up with a few trailblazers who defy the odds in corporate and in the creative field and asked them what the #YouFought4Me campaign means to them.

Why I decided to take part – I feel that as much as we celebrate the Youth of 76’ we need to start taking what we take from them as the Youth of today and start implementing it. Lebo has done that, with his love for photography he tells stories that resonate with the Youth of today. As a young black woman, my agenda now is to start implementing, to start breaking down barriers, to shift and push through to create a movement that years from today our children and grandchildren will also be proud of and look back to celebrate the Youth of our era.

Risuna Mathye, Nutrition Researcher & PhD Candidate

I think there is freedom in being aware of your freedom. This campaign means a lot to me and us a people because it reminds us to never neglect the sweat, pain and blood that was put in for us to be where we are. Not only to remind us of the past but also to keep our eyes in maintain this freedom and being responsible as a youth.

Like Harriet Tubman said”I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they nee they were slaves”

I am grateful for this campaign for it makes me aware of my freedom.


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