STYLD: Expert Styling at Your Doorstep

Styld, a new fully personalised online personal styling service, powered by talented stylists, image consultants and evolving technologies, handpicks clothing to fit your style, budget and current wardrobe and then delivers it to your doorstep each month. The service is available for men and women of all shapes and sizes and covers every fashion need – from functional office wear and casual clothes for the weekend, to glam cocktail attire and evening wear.

The team sources quality clothing and accessories while encouraging the consumption of beautiful, socially responsible and locally made garments and accessories. Local designers include Sies!Isabelle, Her Ritual, Loin Cloth & Ashes, Lunar, JanaS, T’Niche and Village Secrets to name a few.

Styld not only offers men and women convenience, but also the opportunity to be matched with pieces that are functional and beautiful, and which make people feel and look good,” says Keshni Morar, founder of Styld. An MBA graduate and business coach, and former management consultant, Keshni wanted to give busy people an alternative to spending time in malls, and trying to find the correct sizes and styles in chain store aisles. And so she created Styld, a solution for busy people, who want fabulous fashion that flatters. “We know that time is one of the people’s biggest luxuries, and we’re excited that Styld is able to give them this – away from the malls, while looking and feeling good, of course,” says Keshni.

For more information, go to Styld. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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