Hlumelo Nyaluza Launches the World’s Most Unique Book

Eastern Cape born independent author, Hlumelo Nyaluza, launches the world’s most uniquely structured self-help book, Navigate Humans: Be Against Normalitya proudly South African product by a young male. First revealed last year, Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality, has now been accepted by 16 bookstores including CNA stores nationwide. The book is also available globally on AMAZON here.

Written in 19 days using a borrowed laptop and minus R7 to his name, Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality shares Hlumelo Nyaluza’s “Human Navigation” philosophy of how humans can move from “nothing” to everything (destiny) using what he or she has and how one should be against the norm to stay ahead of one’s peers. “Getting to this point has been incredible. The journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m overjoyed by the support I’ve received thus far. Getting the SABC to endorse my book and single-handedly closing the CNA distribution deal are some highlights of this journey. Thank you, South Africa, for believing in me” shares Hlumelo Nyaluza.

Known as an innovative thinker and creative, Hlumelo Nyaluza’s Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality the world’s most uniquely structured self-help book in the market as it has avant-garde features that make it unusual such as:

  • The book is read backwards (first chapter at the end of the book)
  • The contents page numbering is in reverse
  • Every chapter title of the book has the letters “h” and “n” which represent the initials of Hlumelo Nyaluza’s name and his “Human Navigation” philosophy
  • There is a chapter that features a science that has been proven by Cambridge University, of how the mind can reshuffle words that have been shuffled in a specific manner to prove the power of the mind



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