Christall – Real “Housewife of Johannesburg” Drops Her Pop Single ‘Wonder’

Christall, a star of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, showcases her journey as an artist and the viewers will get a chance to know her music – and her pop single Wonder. The first sneak peek of her music was revealed today. The song was inspired by Christall’s curiosity with all things mysterious which makes her wonder about the Great Wall of China, and the Statues in Rome and so forth, however, the irony is that your lover/partner can make you wonder even more than the great mysteries of the universe.  Let’s face it love can make us crazy!

As a songwriter, Christall has developed her talent.  Christall’s clearly crafted melodies with a clever lyrical structure are certainly what hit songs are made of, and the fine-tuning of her craft no doubt makes all the difference to the songs that Christall writes. Her combination of pop and dance merge to create an electrifying sound that beautifully showcases her uplifting voice. Christall’s songs will with no doubt provide inspiration, motivation and a beautiful way of looking at life. 

Listen to the new track HERE!



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