Pilani Bubu Presents a Brand New Afro-Jazz Song Titled Boom Che

A celebration of women and their significance in the world as creators and incubators of life. Boom Che as the first radio single and the start of a journey of revelation and story-telling. This is is one of three songs written about women in the forthcoming album. Meet the lovely songstress in the video below:

“It celebrates Women and the role we play in society and on earth, we create, nurture and incubate. We raise kids into adults & so we birth earth. We always work for the home and the benefit of families across the world. I felt it apt to release this on Women’s Month for its’ sentiment. It brings light to women. In the song, I a-liken Women to Mother Nature who is at the right-hand side of God; creating, nurturing. We are conquerors and warriors. We go out into the world do our best and come home & do the most !. ” – Pilani Bubu

Listen to her inspiring song celebrating womandla HERE!




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