Yannick and RhaRha for adidas Originals | P.O.D System Campaign

Yannick and RhaRha, the creative force behind the Noirwave movement, personify the spirit of P.O.D System in a celebration of creative unity. Offering a glimpse into Noirwave’s iconic philosophy, the powerful cinematic edit of the film echoes P.O.D System’s work-in-progress nature. 

Set in an open-air urban environment, the campaign images bring the power of the Noirwave collective to life and translate the combination of nostalgia and progression that underpins the P.O.D. System into a clear visual context. The laid-back nature of the images places a firm focus on the fluidity and freedom of movement that characterises the P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette and Kaval apparel collection.

We sat down with RhaRha to talk Noirwave and its affinity to the P.O.D System campaign:

Q: How does your past influence the way you create for the future?

Rharha: I view the past as a fundamental part of the foundation for the future. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not the past influences our current reality and our current reality, which is forever in the process of becoming the past, influences our future. When creating for the future, I use the past as a point of origination from which to start but never as the final destination.

Q: How has the Noirwave movement evolved since its inception? 

Rharha: Noirwave started out with its roots in music. It then grew into a visual identity, that like the sound of Noirwave, combined ancient and future influences to create something completely new. It has since organically evolved into a movement with its vision fixed firmly on the creative future. Noirwave has become a borderless philosophy for creative immigrants globally. It offers followers a citizenship that rejoices in movement physically and creatively.

Q: You and Yannick exist as individual forces but in coming together you break boundaries and create something completely new. Talk to us about the unique alchemy of your partnership, which is a testimony to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

RharhaYannick and I have been working together for the past seven years. We both have very distinct talents – his in music and mine in visual arts. By combining our skills, we leverage off each other to create something we could not have created alone. Our power lies in combining our creative skills to build a Noirwave future.

Q: We’re seeing the meteoric rise of the collective community. Why do you think creative collaboration is gaining such momentum? 

Rharha: The era of the individual and doing it alone is finally coming to an end. Our generation is much more invested in building together. The old ways have failed us and it’s up to us to learn from the past when inventing the future. Collaboration allows us to build the best future possible. By combining our skills and talents we are put in a much better position to build the future we envision. We have so much to learn from each other and instead of creating in silos, we are investing in the power of the collective and by doing this, our growth expands tenfold.




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