J Flo & SkyCityUno Release Their New Single “Snakes” Featuring Yung Tyran

Snakes is J Flo (Jesse Suntele) and SkyCityUno (Sheunopa Musukutwa) follow up single to their debut collaboration “HBTB” which has enjoyed reasonable success after it’s debut on MTV BaseThe rappers bring together finesse and great lyricism and the level of lyricism delivered and showcased is unrivaled. 

The pair has developed a seamless chemistry that is reflected in their music and the young rappers can’t wait for South Africa to experience it. SkyCityUno elaborates, “What I love about “Snakes” is that it came about organically. We never went into studio looking for a hit song, it just happened, and that’s the beauty of the creative process”.

Kelly Khumalo

Snakes also comes hot on the heels of J Flo’s collaboration with Kelly Khumalo, on their song “Jehovah”. The former “The Hustle” contestant has paid his dues and is ready to take his musical career to the next level. Download or stream Snakes HERE



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