Zama Ngcobo Launches Leading Citizens on SABC3

Television and Radio Personality, Zama Ngcobo, will make her eagerly awaited return to TV as the Host and Executive Producer of her new show; Leading Citizens on SABC 3, this Heritage Day. Leading Citizens gives viewers the opportunity to make an appointment with South Africans who have achieved local and international success in their respective fields while making a positive impact in their local communities.

Leading Citizens is a half an hour programme during which a business personality shares with Zama and the nation, how they prevailed over the uniquely South African challenges they faced as they took the steps towards their dreams and global success. Zama’s sprightly and passionate way of engaging with people will make sure that those at home watching will be enthralled and will not even realise they are being educated.

“One of the greatest things about modern television is that it can be simultaneously entertaining and instructive, especially about business. Some of the household names in business in South Africa have had amazing journeys to their successes, and for me telling these stories will be an inspiration for our nation. I want Leading Citizens to help young people thinking about starting their own businesses to learn from those who have come before them, in the comfort of their own homes,” said Zama Ngcobo, Presenter and Executive Producer of Leading Citizens.

Zama Ngcobo has worked in the media industry in different capacities, as a familiar voice on radio and a recognisable face on television, for over a decade, which gave her a keen understanding of the power of the media in giving people new ideas or changing their minds about things. As she becomes more involved in creating content, she wants to ensure that the power of the media is used for good and to better the lives of ordinary people.



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