KFC SA’s Finger Lickin’ Loud CrunchMaster Ad Delights Audiences

KFC South Africa, recently voted the Best Consumer Brand in the Fast Food category of the 2018 Sunday Times Top Brands Awards, has released another entertaining advert for their new CrunchMaster. The ad shows two administrative clerks tucking into their Finger Lickin’ Loud CrunchMasters behind shut counter windows with a “back in 15 minutes” sign. With two deliciously crunchy fillets and double the cheese, the CrunchMaster, leaves their ears with a bout of tinnitus causing them to speak louder than usual, with hilarious consequences.

The story cannot be told without the product being at the centre of it, so it allowed us to tell a hilariously relatable story with the product featuring throughout the ad,” concluded Art Director, Sibs Zinhle.



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