Meet Keletso Senosi: The Next Generation of Athletes Running Johannesburg

Her bubbly personality may be infectious but when it comes to running 17-year-old Keletso Senosi is all business. For this Track Queen, no goal is too out there. My craziest dream is to beat Caster Semenya.  To achieve this, I will have to be more like her and by that, I mean believing in myself, working very hard and not listening to what people have to say about me.”

That dream might not be as far off as most people think.  In 2016 she ran her personal best for the 800m (2 minutes, 08.22 seconds) at a meet in Cape Town’s Greenpoint Stadium. That race counted Semenya in the field.

Growing up in a family of athletes meant that Keletso started running from the age of 6.  In Grade 7 she was headhunted by the High-Performance Centre and last year she competed at the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas.  Keletso’s aims to qualify for the 2023 Olympics in Paris.

When I started running I didn’t think I would be in a school where we focus on academics and athletics and I would not have met people who are interested in the same things I am and who believe in themselves.” For the grade 11 TuksSport High School pupil making a family proud is a huge source of joy. And outside of her family and Caster, Keletso counts TuksSport High School alumnus and current 200m South African record holder Clarence Munyai as a role model.



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