Black Label Challenges SA Men to Be The Champion

Carling Black Label’s purpose is to empower and rally a new order of Champions. The #BECHAMPION movement has taken its form by partnering with an annual issue of BONA MAN magazine to recognise everyday South African men who embody the values of a Champion, men who learn from their past experiences and have risen above life’s challenges.

A champion man holds himself accountable for driving the change he wishes to see in the world in order to change his community, be champion and raise better men. Ultimately, Carling Black Label seeks to challenge South African men to #BECHAMPION.

The men are actively managing programmes that vary from building schools, availing medical facilities for underprivileged communities, growing small businesses, educating the country about the growing realities of depression and teaching the youth on the importance of dental health. These are all important actions that they have personally taken upon themselves in order to change the state of the country and they have managed to rise above all adversities.



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