Usain Bolt And G.H MUMM Announce New Bottle

Ahead of the Sun Met, a press conference was held today, January 24, to announce the launch of G.H Mumm’s most daring champagne. Over the years, the leading champagne brand has partnered with giants in various industries and this year was no exception.

Nine-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt was hailed one of Mumm’s trailblazers and celebrated the reveal of a new limited addition of Bolt’s own cuvée – Olympe Rosé. Held at Taboo, Johannesburg, the conference brought together South Africa’s renowned media, to witness the revolutionized and redefined new bottle.

Mumm Grand Cordon is the most innovative design in the 189-year history of Maison Mumm and was created by award winning British designer, Ross Lovegrove. The new addition of the bottle together with Bolt’s role as Chief Entertainment Officer, is reflective of Mumm’s pioneering nature and provides proof of the brand’s inclination to be bold and unprecedented.

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