Ed Sheeran is Heading to SA

The hitmaker, Ed Sheeran, is coming to South Africa! It’s every band’s dream to open for an artist of his calibre and Rubber Duc believe they can only win the Lotto if they take a ticket. Their ticket is in the form of their latest cover, a mashup of several of Ed’s hits done in a way that is even more unique than what they have produced in the past.

With real South African flavour, the band has managed to merge local sounds with the iconic songs that we hear daily whilst driving to work, or when singing our own renditions in the shower. The music video was shot by the legendary Kyle White who has been the bands long time friend and video director.

Rubber Duc are well known for their unique approach to covers. Since their first cover of “Chocolate” by the 1975 in 2014, they have gone on to cover Taylor Swift, Adele as well as “Sledgehammer” by Fifth Harmony which drew the attention of Camila Cabello who tweeted about the song!

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