adidas Originals Celebrates Continental 80

The Continental 80 silhouette returns as a symbol of democratic design for the contemporary sneaker wearer. Now an established icon within the adidas Originals repertoire, the silhouette sees a simple, unrefined aesthetic brought forward from the archives straight to the present.

Harking back to the brand’s legacy of iconic court style leather sneakers, the Continental 80 sneaker takes inspiration from archival 80s training shoes, offering a fresh look at vintage aesthetic while updating proportions and materials. The silhouette is defined by its versatility, embodying the notion that sometimes simplicity can be the boldest attitude.

To bring the Continental 80 campaign to life locally, adidas Originals South Africa have partnered with a diverse group of creators, each with their own unique sense of style.

The digitally-led campaign featuring each of the creators in paparazzi-style images and videos aims to demonstrate the silhouette’s universal appeal and the quintessential attitude that comes with wearing it. With Instagram as the content platform of choice, the creators have been tasked with showcasing this iconic silhouette and how it authentically fits into their everyday lives.

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