PUMA Partners with Barbie to Celebrate 60 Years of the Iconic Doll

Sports company PUMA and Barbie are back with an exciting capsule collection to celebrate 60 glorious years of the famed doll.  Bringing to life her love for sports, fashion and style, the collaboration includes a special edition NOVA x BARBIE sneaker pack.

Barbie and her signature pink style have ruled over the fashion world since 1959. Today, this 11 ½ -inch icon is getting in touch with her streetwear side. Introducing Barbie’s take on the Nova, inspired by classic ‘90s gear. With retro logos, loud pops of colour, and throwback vibes, it’s a kick that draws from the past – and is ready for a future of empowered Barbie girls.

The collection also extends to on-trend apparel for a complete athletic fashion look. From the sporty PUMA x Barbie XTG Track Jacket with a full zip closure system, Tee in candy pink to sporty legging and short tights, the latest addition to her closet celebrates streetwear in true Barbie style.

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