Edgars Launches New Leisurewear From Merien Hall

The modestly stylish woman has made Edgars’ private label Merien Hall the go-to for formal wardrobes, but now with Merien Hall’s new leisurewear collection even lazing around with a book has a new air of chic about it. Leisurewear is designed for the most relaxed you. For morning times, fun times, and you time.

And yes you may be taking some precious time out, but you can still feel good and be at your confident best. Merien Hall’s leisurewear collection blurs the lines between style and function, giving you all the comfort you need and a chic look, no matter how active or chilled out you’re planning on being this winter. “The leisurewear trend has shown women that comfort doesn’t have to compromise style … and that makes it a trend here to stay,” says Edgars CEO Mike Elliott.

Now you can slip out of your blue blazer and embrace the soft warmth of a grey fleece jacket knowing that the meticulous tailoring and details like the quilted sleeve keep it stylish. In fact, this collection has made an art of giving fleece numbers a stylish edge. From ultra-comfortable track pants with striped details to classy fleece gilet jackets and even figure-flattering, deliciously warm fleece skirts. Merien Hall’s new leisurewear collection is now available in store and online.

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